How to Sell a Gun in Oregon

A comprehensive guide

To legally sell a firearm in Oregon, it's essential to be well-versed in both state and federal laws to guarantee a lawful and seamless sale. This knowledge is vital whether you've been a firearm owner for years or have newly acquired a gun through inheritance. Understanding your legal responsibilities and available options is key to ensuring a compliant transaction.

Options for Selling a Gun in Oregon

There are numerous options available when considering the sale of firearms in the state of Oregon.

Sell your gun to

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Sell your gun to a local dealer

Sell to a Local Dealer

Licensed dealers can handle all aspects of the sale, ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws.

Sell your gun through a private collection

Sell Through a Private Transaction

Direct sales to another individual are permitted, but come with specific legal responsibilities, both for the state of Oregon and federally.

State Laws for Selling a Gun in Oregon

Oregon has relatively moderate regulations on firearms, allowing for open carry of guns and issuing permits for concealed carry. State law preempts local any ordinances and background checks are conducted electronically at the point of sale, so there is no waiting period for purchasing a firearm in Oregon.

General Resources:

Oregon ID Requirements

Identification Requirements

Oregon Revised Statutes § 166.412 requires background checks for all firearms transfers in the state and thus identification is required. Oregon law also requires records of firearm transactions to be kept for five years.

Oregon Waiting Periods

Waiting Periods

Oregon does not impose any waiting periods for firearm purchases.

Age Requirements in Oregon

Age requirements

In Oregon, age requirements for possession of firearms are outlined in Oregon Revised Statutes § 166.250 and Oregon Revised Statutes § 166.470.

In Oregon, individuals under 18 are prohibited from knowingly possessing a firearm. Long guns can be possessed by minors if transferred by the minor's parent or guardian or with their consent, or temporarily for activities like hunting, target practice, or other legal purposes.

Background Checks in Oregon

Background Checks in Private Sales

Oregon law requires a background check for all transfers including those that take place at a gun show and between private citizens.

The Oregon State Police conducts firearms background checks on persons attempting to purchase a firearm (Oregon Revised Statutes § 166.412) through all federally licensed firearms dealers in Oregon.

Ineligible Persons in Oregon

Ineligible Persons

It is illegal to possess a firearm in Oregon if a person:

  • Is under 18 years of age
  • Was found to be within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court for an act which, if committed by an adult, would constitute a felony or a misdemeanor involving violence
  • Was discharged from the jurisdiction of the juvenile court within four years
  • Has a felony conviction
  • Was committed to the Oregon Health Authority for mental illness
  • Was found to be a person with mental illness and subject to an order prohibiting purchasing or possessing a firearm as a result of that mental illness
For a full list see Oregon Revised Statutes § 166.250.

Oregon Residents Must Follow Federal Laws for Private Transactions

Federal law requires that the buyer of a firearm must be legally eligible to own a gun.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) provides guidelines for these transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this legal?

    Yes. We are a federally licensed firearms dealer located in the state of Indiana. You, the seller, are covered under our license just as you would be if you walked into our store. There are no laws preventing you from selling your firearm to us.

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